🥇 GOLD The Kim Wall AwardBest story or series of stories on international affairs using creative and dynamic digital storytelling techniques, for Africa’s rising cities
Comment from the judges: “Beautiful interplay of writing, photography, video, and interactive data graphics that gives immediacy and urgency to an overlooked subject without falling into easy tropes about Africa. The stories and presentation were unique, ambitious, and inspiring in scope.

🥇 GOLD Pictures of the Year International, Online Storytelling: Daily Life, for ‘You can’t get rid of the smell because they die in the walls’

🥈 SILVER SND, Single Section (Print), for Africa’s rising cities
Comment from the judges: “There is a high-level of storytelling here and sense of place that gives it a well-rounded presentation. Overall extremely well-balanced.”
🥉 BRONZE SND, Infographics: Breaking News (unplanned), for How the Ever Given was freed from the Suez Canal: A visual analysis

🥉 BRONZE SND, Design: International, for Africa’s rising cities

🥉 BRONZE SND, Design: International, for Anatomy of a crackdown

🥉 BRONZE NPPA Best of Photojournalism, News and Issues – Visual Presentation, for Anatomy of a crackdown
 Award of Excellence SND, Infographics: International, for Africa’s rising cities

 Award of Excellence SND, Format: Use of Animation, for How the pandemic set back women’s progress in the global workforce

 Award of Excellence SND, Line of Coverage: Politics, for Jan. 6 attack

 Award of Excellence SND, Other (Print) , for Africa’s rising cities

 Award of Excellence SND, Combination Print & Digital (Print) , for Africa’s rising cities


🥇 GOLD Sigma Delta Chi Awards, Specialized Journalism Website, for The COVID Tracking Project

🥇 GOLD Sigma Awards, Single Project, for The Covid Tracking Project
Comment from the judges: “not only did the team produce excellent journalism, but they offered tools for others to use. Taken together, it was exceptional data journalism.”

🥇 GOLD American Journalism Awards, Best data visualization for The COVID Tracking Project, for The Covid Tracking Project
One of the judges called it a “stunning display of citizen journalism” which will “inform reporting for years to come.”


 Award of ExcellenceSND, Use of Original/Commissioned Illustration (single), for Inside the Iowa caucuses

🥇 GOLD Sigma Awards, Open Data, for The looming risk of tailing dams

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